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A little love carries a long way...

She is a beautiful one...

2015 for us was not a great year in terms of our breeding program. My wife and I really wanted to dive into Jacobins and we got two great pairs from our mentor and friend Drew towards the end of the year. We managed to get only one chick in the 2-3 months that were left of the year. She was just gorgeous though... a dun splash hen with fantastic feathers and hood. Day by day she grew more and more beautiful in front of our eyes. When she reached adulthood, we put her with one of our best cock birds enthusiastically. However, within days, we saw her crouching on a corner of the breeding cage. We immediately took her out and put her in a separate cage outside of our loft. Sure enough... we found out that she came down with some disease, which we think was coccoidis. We called Drew immediately and as per his suggestion, started giving her the medication necessary. Within a few days her droppings became normal again.... however, she seemed to become paralyzed. Her tail became crooked on one side completely, she could not fly, not even walk, and would drag herself on the floor of the small cage to get to feed and water.

My mom took care of her like her own baby.

My mom, being a huge pigeon/bird/animal lover, immediately took matters into her hands. Every day she relentlessly took the bird into her lap and forced fed electrolyte solution and vitamins and feed. She kept her cage inside our house so that she stays warm. Within two weeks, she looked a little better and was able to eat and drink by herself. During that time, my mom had to leave to go back to her home. I told my wife that may be we need to consider ending her life journey since its really getting difficult on us to take care of her on a daily basis for so long... she refused every time. After another two weeks, I took her and let her loose in our flying pen... thinking... if she survives, thats great.... if she does not make it on her own... then there is not much we can do anymore.

I kept an eye on her on a daily basis in our flying pen... she would drag her body on the sandy floor leaving marks to get to the water and feed.... which was a good sign to me that she is at least eating and drinking. Then one day... it was like a miracle... I walked inside the cage and there she was standing, not dragging anymore. Then the next day I could not find her on the cage floor... and got a little scared. All on a sudden I found her on one of the perches. It was such a pleasant surprise. There she was, standing on the perch with her full glory, her hood standing straight up. I almost could not believe my eyes and I screamed for my wife and she came running. Over the next few days we watched her becoming stronger and flying again.

Here she is... standing in full glory after recovery.

Last month, Drew gave us a dun cock as a mate for her. We put them together into their breeding cage and they seem to be very happy with each other. They already started mating... and we are hoping for some wonderful birds from the couple. It still amazes me to think how she came back to life from near death and became well after being paralyzed.... and then recovered fully and is mating now. A little love and care does carry a long way...

#love #care #jacobin

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