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Self almond and other color in Jacobins

Ok... So Jacobins are supposed to have white on their heads, wings, tails as per standards. However, there are many who love to do genetic experiments to created variations in color, bring new color into the breed, bring new marking etc. Of course Drew is one of the pioneering geneticist in that regard creating many more variations in Jacobins than may be anyone else in the world. One of the markings he loves is a self marked or self colored bird, which means there is no white in its body. He has already done that in various colors.

In 2014 we got a pair from Drew which produced two great almond cock birds for us... and to our utter surprise.... one of them is a self almond. Not only that, it had great feather quality and a decent hood. When I showed it to Drew this year, he was jumping in excitement like a kid. He immediately told me "Wait".... went through a couple of his lofts, and came out with a beautiful young hen, almost finishing its adult molting. And yes, just as you might have guessed, the hen was a gorgeous kite with bouncing bronze shade on it. Top top it all, she was an almost self marked bird as well, having only a few white feathers on her back close to the tail. My jaws dropped when I saw her. I did not know how to thank Drew enough. The fire of genetics Drew ignited in me a few years back is at its peak, and this would be one of the most exciting projects for me.

#almond #kite #selfmarked #genetic

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